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Biographies and
Other Writings of and about
the Andersons

Carl Victor Anderson's Autobiography

Biographies of all Victor and Hannah's children and grandchildren are posted here.  The majority of these biographies were written in 1984 when a collection of biographies was made.  Dates of death have been added, but otherwise they are essentially as their authors wrote them then.  Names are listed below in the order of their birth.  The editor had some difficulty formatting them for posting here, and for that he apologizes.   If anyone wants to update these biographies or add other biographical material, their contributions will be gratefully received and posted.  Please send updates or any other biographical material to Dwight Ericsson.

Ruth Anderson Johnson

Gilbert Johnson
Bernice Johnson
Raymond Johnson
Alvera Johnson Mickelsen
Melvin Johnson

Esther Anderson Bjork
Eugene Bjork
Gordon Bjork

Elam Anderson
In addition to a brief biography of Elam, there is now a longer biography of Elam and Colena written by Colena.  She entitled it The Annals of the House of An, "House of An" being the name for the Elam Anderson family which Colena used as a result of their years in China, 1917-1932.  It was published by her in 1960, fifteen years after Elam's death.  It begins with Elam and Colena's meeting in 1913 at Cornell University and goes through the aftermath of Elam's death in 1944.  It was reissued by their son, Victor, in 2000.
To download a pdf of the original document, which preserves the original formatting including photos and other art, click here (69 mb file). To download just the text of the book, click here.(1.9 mb file).
Here is also now the program for the Memorial Service held at Redlands University after Elam's death.  It includes a list of people who came representing the many parts of the community that Elam had impacted.  He was widely known and respected, and greatly loved.  Included with this program is a program for a family service in which members of Elam's family along with close friends shared privately.  For these programs, click here.
Frances Anderson Gulick
Victor Anderson
Elam Anderson, Jr.   This entry includes a newspaper obituary, a eulogy by Elam's son, Jonathan,  an appreciation by his niece, Mary Anderson. and the program from the memorial service.  To go directly to these documents click here

Lawrence Anderson
Dorothy Anderson Clay
Thelma Anderson Ferguson

Reuben Anderson
Melvin Anderson
Donald Anderson
Rodney Anderson
Ila Anderson McIlvain

Delight Anderson Ericsson
Dwight Ericsson
Stanley Ericsson