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Thelma Rosalie Anderson Ferguson


Born June 26, 1921; Married April 16, 1944 (Richard Faris, d. May 6, 1957), Married February 8, 1959
(Robert Overly, d. Dec 31, 1989), Married December 11, 1984 (Robert Ferguson); Died February 12, 2007

Children: Richard Lawrence Faris, February 16, 1953; William Robert Overly, February 11, 1957


My earliest recollection of home was the feeling I had of security and
love.  Both Mother and Dad were very loving and demonstrative people, so Dorothy
and I had every reason to be happy, Dad was always a church leader so our lives
were centered about the church.  We were ever active, seldom bored.


I was rather shy and retiring but loved having the longest recitation to
memorize for the annual Christmas program.  At the age of nine, Dad led me to
an understanding and acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Savior.  This was the
most important decision of my life.


At an early age I decided I was going to college.  I even spelled out the
college of my choice - the University of California.  Wonder of wonders, or was
it my Swedish stubborn determination?  That's where I took my Dental Hygiene
training and received my B.S. degree.  I worked many years at my profession and
loved it.  I was often 'down in the mouth' but seldom blue.


The most difficult time of my life was in the loss of my husband, William
(Dick) Faris.  Just one month after his 36th birthday, when our son Bill was
only three months old, Dick had a massive heart attack.  Our 12 years together
had been blessed with two sons, Richard (Rick) and William (Bill).  We had
enjoyed many wonderful times together.  What a joy to have our lives centered in
Christ!  The Lord has always been true to His word - that if we delight in Him,
He will give us the desires of our heart.  So after much heartache and loneliness,
the Lord brought a new man into my life.  In 1959, Robert (Bob) Overly and I
were married.  We have just celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary this year. [1984 - ed.]


We have enjoyed our family, our church activities and the privilege of
helping to start two churches in Arizona.  Our home church in San Diego is
still very dear to our hearts.  I marvel that the membership of the College
Avenue Baptist Church has soared to well over 3000 from the 60 or so members
when I was baptized at the little church downtown at 16th and E Streets.


We have retired to Phoenix, Arizona, and believe that, next to Hawaii,
where we spend a month or two each summer, this is God's country.


Proverbs 3:5-6 has been my motto.


- Thelma Overly, 1984


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