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Gilbert Oscar Victor Johnson


Born May 3, 1910; Married August 17, 1938 (Lylith M. Breitzka, d. Sept 11, 2005); Died May 5, 1997

Children: Bryan Gilbert Johnson, June 24, 1941; Dwight Leroy Johnson, February 6, 1943;
Kathryn Ruth Johnson Benjamin, October 29, 1945; Lauralee Johnson Bailey, May 13. 1947


I was born in West Suburban Hospital in the Austin section of Chicago
as the first born son of Oscar F. and Ruth H. Johnson.


In 1917 my parents sold their house in Chicago and we moved to a 60 acre farm
six miles north of La Porte, Indiana.  There I attended a one-room school
house where I had the same teacher for the rest of my eight grades (2-8).


We went to a Swedish Baptist Church in La Porte, where at the age of 12,
1 was convicted of sin and went forward at the close of the evening service
and knelt at the front.  The first one with me was my dad, who knelt and prayed
with me.  In October of that year I was baptized by Uncle Elam Anderson, who
at that time was studying for his doctorate at the University of Chicago.


I went to high school in La Porte, and, after graduation in June 1928, we sold
our farm and moved to 435 Holliday Street, Michigan City, Indiana.  There I
got a job in a factory, and after three years felt the crunch of the Depression as
the factory where I worked went broke (I don't think I was the sole cause of it).
They had developed a card table which they manufactured.  In 1933, they sold
the dies to Patterson Manufacturing Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut and sent
me out there to set it up.  This lasted less than a year, and for the next few
years I had various jobs, from running a retail bakery route to selling office
equipment for Remington Rand.


While there, I made my greatest sale and convinced Lylith Breitzka to become Mrs Johnson.  Here
the Lord showered me with the greatest blessing ever and continued in giving us four wonderful
children, all of whom became real Christians, and all have real Christian spouses and have wonderful
families. All are serving the Lord in different ways, from pastoring (Bryan) to managing a successful
insurance agency (Dwight, taking an agency started by me and engineering its growth). 
Kathy is serving with her husband, Ken Benjamin, as a musician, directing choirs and music
at Calvary Baptist Church in Bristol, Pennsylvania, where Ken is on the faculty of Philadelphia College
of the Bible.  Lauralee is serving with her husband, Dan Bailey, in First Alliance Church of Atlanta and
is a wonderful Christian mother to two extra special boys (part of an even dozen special grandchildren).


Shortly after our marriage, I became Choir Director at Temple Baptist Church and then at Elim
Baptist Church in New Britain, Connecticut, where I was now manager of the New Britain office of
Personal Finance Company.


In 1946 I resigned to take a position as District Manager for Club Aluminum Products Company. 
This meant moving to Madison, Wisconsin (we thought), but before our furniture arrived,
they changed our orders and we went to Louisville, Kentucky.  Later came moves to Toledo, Ohio,
and then to Atlanta, Georgia. We liked it so well here I quit my job so l could stay here. 
Here a friend of mine asked me to manage his cemetery, which I did for ten years to the day.


During this time I was directing choirs in various churches.  Being in the Insurance business, and
it being a hard business to get started in (especially with two children in college), I took a job as
Minister of Music in a large Baptist church.  After about five years, I felt I could meet expenses, so I
went back to our Christian and Missionary Alliance Church where we liked to be with our friends and
felt more of spiritual oneness with the people, and where I was still directing the choir.


We all get together at a cottage on the Atlantic Ocean every other year.


Now, at age 75, I am still active in the insurance business because I like it and like to help people
solve their financial problems.


This all adds up to the fact that I have a wonderful Saviour and a wonderful, patient, forgiving God
who has blessed so far above what I deserve, a wife whom I love more every day, and children, none of
whom has ever given us a moment of trouble or worry.




- Gilbert Johnson, 1984

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