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Stanley Carl Ericsson


Born January 29, 1934; Married July 15, 1961 (Bonnie Smoot)

Children: Charissa Lynn Ericsson, April 26, 1962; Joyce Delight Ericsson, September 21, 1964


I was born in San Diego, the second son of Carl and Delight Anderson
Ericsson.  I graduated from San Diego High School in 1951.  I worked for a
year, then went to Bethel in 1952-53.  Back in San Diego, I worked for Uncle
Lawrence on a road building project in 1953 and also worked as an auto
mechanic.  I was very active in the youth and single programs at College
Avenue Baptist Church.


I was drafted into the Army in 1954 and, after training, spent a year in
Wiesbaden, Germany.  The Army schooling started me on my career in electronics,
giving me vocational direction, for which I am thankful to God.


I graduated from San Diego State College in 1960 with a B.S. in Physics
(electrical engineering) and started my first engineering job at Daystrom
Control Systems in La Jolla (San Diego).


In 1970, after 10 years in engineering, I made the move to sales and have
experienced a steady growth of success and experience.  We moved to
San Jose in 1976, after 15 years in Los Angeles, to be sales manager for
Trio Tech.  The highlight of my work at Trio Tech was the experience of
living and working in Singapore for two and a half years, 1978-80.  I
enjoyed traveling throughout Southeast Asia.  In 1982 I joined Micrel, an
integrated circuit and semiconductor company in Silicon Valley, as Director
of Sales and Marketing.  This job has given me many exciting and interesting


I married Bonnie Smoot in 1961.  I first met Bonnie at a high school
camp at Hume Lake in 1949.  We met again at College Avenue in 1960, and
our first date was to the San Diego Rescue Mission where I led the service
and she sang.


We have two daughters.  Charissa graduated from the Singapore American
High School. She is now in the Occupational Therapy program at San Jose
State University, probably the best OT program in the United States.  She
gives a lot of her time to a local restpice program, a program which offers
time-off to the families of disturbed and disabled children.  Joyce is
attending Biola University where she is active in choir and drama.  She plans
a career in nursing and last fall entered the baccalaureate nursing program
at Biola. She will be making her third trip to Australia next summer (1985)
as a member of an evangelistic drama team.


The Lord has been abundantly good to my family.  All are believers in
Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and Lord, and actively seeking His will
in service and devotion.



- Stanley C. Ericsson, 1984

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