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The Anderson Family Tree

Birth list from Anderson

This birth record is in a Swedish Bible that belonged to Victor and Hannah.  Note that the handwriting varies a bit from line to line, indicating that the names were entered as the children were born.  Spelling of names is sometimes according to English usage, sometimes Swedish.  Note also that Lawrence and Reuben were entered as Carl Lawrenze and Viktor Ruben (Victor was actually "Karl Viktor," so both those first name are for him).  Lawrence and Reuben evidently decided to reverse that order.  Delight here is Judith Delight Mabel.  She once told me (Dwight) that "Delight" was given to her by her sister Ruth, who wanted very much to have a sister named "Delight." She also told me that in Wyoming she was always "Mabel," and she did not become "Delight" until she moved to San Diego, where she dropped "Mabel" completely and became "Delight Judith."  However, to further confuse matters, I have a number of photos from her Wyoming days in which she is identified as "Delight," and none in which she is "Mabel." 

Ruth Hannah Elizabeth Anderson Johnson

Esther Susannah Anderson Bjork

Elam Jonathan Anderson

Lawrence Carl Anderson

Reuben Victor Anderson

Delight Judith Anderson Ericsson

The family tree was last fully updated in the spring of 2013.  Additional updating has been done as the caretaker became aware of it.  The caretaker will be grateful for any news of births, marriages or deaths which you would be kind enough to pass on.  Please email him at