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Anderson Family Photos

The photos here are from an old photo album in the possession of Don Anderson.  They date from about 1910 to 1930.
Other photos will be welcome, though they may not get posted right away.  If possible please send them in digital form, but any photos will be gladly received.

This photo is inscribed "Sun(day) at Gust Palms"
It is probably a lunch gathering after church, and was probably a regular event in the lives of our ancestors, rotating from house to house.
For us, their descendants, it can set the mood for life on the High Plains near Albin, Wyoming.

  Sunday at Gust Palms

None of the people in the picture are identified.  The tall woman standing by the left side of the door may be Hannah Anderson.  Photo from Don Anderson.

The photos posted here are organized by family.  The largest number are of Elam Anderson and family.  He must have visited in Albin frequently. 
The families of Victor and Hannah's six children are listed in order of their birth.
If you find mistakes or can add information, please contact Dwight Ericsson, who will be very thankful for your help.

            Victor and Hannah Anderson
                    Three photos

            Esther Bjork
                    Eighgt photos

           Ruth Johnson
                    One photo

          Elam Anderson
                    Eighteen photos

        Lawrence Anderson
                Fifteen photos

        Reuben Anderson
                Eight photos

        Delight Ericsson
                Six photos

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